Town Elections

Public Notice to Elwood Town Citizens

Filing for Declaration of Candidacy

This notice is to inform residents of the Town of Elwood that there will be a municipal election this year for the following offices:

  • 2 City Council Positions (4-year terms)

Candidates must meet the constitutional and statutory qualification requirements for municipal office as outlined in UCA 20A-9-203 “Declarations of candidacy — Municipal general elections” and any other changes/additions as outlined in the Utah State Legislative Bills passed.

The position for the 2 Elwood Town Council seats will be filled for four-year terms. To qualify for election, a candidate must:

  1. Be a United States citizen;
  2. Be at least 18 years of age before the next municipal election;
  3. Be a resident of Elwood for a period of 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the date of the election;
  4. Be a registered voter of Elwood Town

The statutory filing period is between June , 2023 and June , 2023. Interested parties may file for office during normal office hours at the Elwood Town Recorder’s Office at 5235 West 8800 North, Elwood, Utah, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Declaration of Candidacy Forms or Nomination Petitions must be filed in person with the City Recorder.

Gina Marble
City Recorder

To be published in The Leader: April 21, 2023
May 1, 2023 

If the number of candidates does not exceed twice the number of persons needed to fill the positions, a primary election will not be held and the candidates shall be considered nominated.

Elwood Town has 2 seats open  (2 Councilmembers)  (4 year terms).

Elwood had 0 person turn in their Declaration of Candidacy:

For Council Member:
For Council Member: